My name is Lorenzo and I'm a software engineer. I've got a MSc degree in Computer Science from University of Milan and have been working as a software engineer since 2015.

I'm currently working at Roialty as a software engineer, developing and maintaning the platform software and internal tools. In the past I have been a consultant for Goto srl (sadly, they are not active anymore), working both as a software developer and a system administrator and an intern in XTN lab, working on a blockchain project for my MSc thesis.

During my university years, I worked with the Aladdin laboratory, teaching Computer Science's basics to high and middle school students. I've also been TA for the Operative System lab for one semester, with professor Monga.

I'm based in the Milan area (northern Italy), where I live with my wife and our five rats (I'm not joking, they are real rats). I speak Italian, English and een beetje Nederlands.

When I'm not working on software, I like to spend my time playing role-playing games (mostly of the OSR persuasion) or writing about science with my association, Italia Unita per la Scienza.

If you want to contact me, the best way is via LinkedIn, but I also read old-fashioned emails at [first name]@this-domain. I'm usually found on social media under the nickname "frollo" (not a Hugo reference - I'm sorry to say I've never read Notre Dame de Paris), but it seems I'm not the only one using it, so we might not have met yet.