Most of my coding is work-related and thus it cannot be shared here. Any new Open Source project I will start or contribute to will be added to this page.

My Own Planet

My Own Planet is a NodeJS RSS Planet, leveraging Pug and Latex.css for the interface. While it looks like an overkill, most existing RSS planets aren't ready for a world of Docker and Heroku deployments, plus I really wanted to build one with my own hands. While it is still a work in progress and it has been specifically built for the italian OSR community, I aim at making it a general-purpose solution.

Zulip Dice Roller

Zulip Dice Roller Bot is a NodeJS bot for Zulip, introducing dice rolling functionality to the chat. It's a pretty simple bot working which uses ANU QRNG's API as source of randomness. It can be added to any Zulip server using the instructions.

Subby Monster

Along with Samuele "Wiztoth" Leone, I'm working on Subby Monster a bot to reserve the access of your Telegram groups only to the users who have subscribed to your (currently only Twitch) channel. The project is still in beta and (at least for the moment) closed source, but if you are interested in it you can find a way to contact us on the website.


While I try to keep this page up to date to the best of my abilities, this is a static website which I write in HTML by hand (yes, I'm old-styled - most of the times I update everything using vim), so things can lag behind for a while. If you are so interested in my RPG endeavors as to want real time updates on what I'm working on, there are better places to get them, such as:

I'm also a member of the Italian Translation Alliance, a group of Italian translators of open RPG content. You can find our work on the website and on our page.

Marshmallows and Monsters

Marshmallows and Monsters is my third tabletop RPG. Written for the Pleasure-not-business card RPG Jam. It's a microsystem which can be printed on two sides of a business card and it's heavily inspired by the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution scene.


Magisters is my second tabletop RPG. It involves a group of dueling, traveling judges and their fight against rampant corruption in a land without central authority.

All'Ombra di un Impero Caduto

All'Ombra di un Impero Caduto is the (partial) Italian translation of Jacob Kent's In the Dark of a Fallen Empire, which is in itself an hack of the Highland Paranormal Society's In the Light of a Ghost Star.

Abandoned Malls & Cultists

Abandoned Malls & Cultists (Cascine Abbandonate & Cultisti in Italian)

is my first tabletop RPG. You can find both the game (either in Italian or in English) and the LaTeX sources on

Fallimento Assicurato

Fallimento Assicurato ("a sure failure") is an OSR RPG zine, in Italian. Each issue (they are published as they are ready, not on fixed times) has a different theme. You can find us on DriveThruRPG and on

Cripte e Codici

Cripte e Codici ("Crypts and Codes") is a system-agnostic guide to cryptography for Game Masters. It contains a list of historical ciphers, exposed in layman terms and adventure ideas based on cryptography. It's written in Italian using LaTeX and is fully open source. You can find it on GitLab.

The OSR Pit

I help running the OSR Pit, a Discourse instance aimed at the OSR community. Come check us out!